Weekend Glory Poem by William K Duncan

Weekend Glory

They say when your skint, your fiscally challenged
But I've been there before and I always managed

Stripped to the basics, now what do I need?
The law of the world says I have to feed

Cupboards empty, electric running low
When everything's gone, I've nowhere to go

This money can stretch, I'll find a way somehow
I can work out this mess, I always know how

Rich people must think this is really strange
Food for a week with a handful of change

But what's this?
Money in my account
And thank heaven and earth, it's a substantial amount

My worries are gone and my problem solved
A feel a wave of calm now all is resolved

Now I've money in my pocket
Money in my pocket and it's mine all mine
Money in my pocket and the feeling's sublime
You know when there's money's in my pocket the whole world's mine

Rich man walking, rich man coming through
Yesterday's forgotten and today I'm brand new

The shops welcome me with bright shining doors
They say everything's new and everything's yours

What do I want?
What should I get?
Better remember before I forget

I'd write a list if I wasn't stress free
Take a look around and realise I'm right where I want be

Shot in my mind like a bright spark
Gonna stay out till after dark

Time to play, time to have fun
You never know what's good till you try some

Life's for living, not for sitting in or around
Got to be out and about, get my feet on the ground

1 drink,2, maybe 4
Then I'm back at the bar askin for more

Plans are forgotten, to do list dismissed
No point in thinking cos I'm gettin pissed

I'm out and I'm tidy, ready to play the game
Surpised on arrival, everyone's thinking the same

Glad to see that I'm not alone
No rush now that we've all come home

Left our worries at the door
It's plain to see on the dance floor

The liquid rushes as the cash flows
How many, how much, nobody knows

If this is time wasted, I could waste everyday
I'd help waste yours too, sometimes even pay

Last orders come but no one wants to leave
But my friends have a plan up their sleeve

There's always more drink to be drunk when the party moves on
And I'm in the mood to stay till it's all gone

Now what's this?
Daylight... and the walk of shame
But no doubt next week, I'll do the same

No money, no more
The sun rises again and I'm back to before

The fault is mine and so is the blame
Lesson never learned, every weekend's the same

If I wanted to change, then surely I would
Never too harsh when I know I could

From poverty to riches to poverty in the space of a day
But we all know the game, so what can I say?

This poem isn't meant to be taken seriously and is not a reflection of my current character.

For any Americans reading, please note 'pissed' means 'drunk' in Scotland.
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