William K Duncan Poems

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A Bottle Away

Every girl's a bottle away
Every girl never does what they say

The lies forgotten


A Walk In The Mind

Where I am is not where you are nor anywhere you can be
Where I am to you is far but as close as I can see

I sit here in my homeland far from home

Alive In The Storm

Alone in the storm is where I roam
Let the wind carry me home
Let reality hold true
Let the rain soak me through

Weekend Glory

They say when your skint, your fiscally challenged
But I've been there before and I always managed

Stripped to the basics, now what do I need?

Desperate Heart

The heart is desperate
Desperation incarnate

Compassionate and passionate, it has it's place

Haunted Loneliness

The lonely girl sits alone and wonders
What might have been if only things weren't as they are
What if, what if? She ponders
If only those who hadn't shown me love when they had the chance would return from afar

When I Left You

I remember when I left you
Left you standing in the rain
Not a second thought
Not a concern for your pain

Up & Down

I've been strong and I've been weak
I've felt love and I've felt it break

I've thanked myself, right from the heart
I've broken down, right from the start

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