Jon Doe

Welcome Enclaves - Poem by Jon Doe

The defiled hoards that welcome there bondage with an ignorant repose,
seeming to last until judgment, can not be bought off with anything less apropos,
than the tyranny of their fathers government.
So it is, sincerely said, that the finest of linage must be unbroken,
for when we become the fascist dictators of our time,
is when the people have become awoken.
Be it not in the simple future, but in the calculated society,
with which all dignity will be removed and returned with a delusional piety.
We must condense the masses, into strictly one view or idea,
eliminating all growth of intelligence and morality;
marked for the count and disposed of with haste,
until we have refurbished the scientific monopoly,
into our own principality.
When we have no use for fear, we must exploit the fear of others,
for when we ourselves can not fear we must become the fear that covers,
the entire world consumed in the grip of uncertainty,
and we must use our blame as a cruel hoax of parity.
For it is born out of confusion, disillusion and condemnation,
what we aspire to is the return of status segregation.
Be reminded, it has no sooner been established,
that those in a tyrants position are of a paranoid nature,
than has the sun been our model for a supreme being of censure.
Dissension must be mocked, twisted, and pounced on,
for when it grows it causes an educated whole,
to despise and become aware to the destruction of the human soul.
In summation there will be one final form of admittance,
The blaspheming of violence and the acknowledgment of submission

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Poem Submitted: Friday, August 27, 2010

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