Welcoming 2011 Poem by Nidhi Rajesh Kumari

Nidhi Rajesh Kumari

Gaya, Bihar, India

Welcoming 2011

When 2010 began, I made a resolution to keep my calm always.
Perhaps, I gave it my best shot to do it even in the worst of days.
There were many ups and downs I encountered in this whole time.
But, I knew somewhere in my heart, one day everything would be fine.
That day came too which I thought couldn't be any more appeasing.
The next day, again brought me back to square one, teasing.
There were times when it was much easier to lose temper than to forgive.
It was hard to think of what in return of goodness I'd receive.
But, this year taught me to let go and forget about conclusions.
Even if I committed a mistake, I learned to ignore apprehensions.
For a while, I did sink down when allegations were leveled to me.
Still, became strong and valiant for the whole world to see.
I learned to make differences between friends and foes.
Yet, to be sweet to everyone, in all the highs and lows.
This new outlook towards life brightened all the dark corners of my heart.
I won new friends, keeping the old and had no enemies at last.
I am sure this isn't very unique a story, I repeat somebody here.
But this was the year, most blissful, blessed and dear.
Now the time demands the turn of a new year filled with curiosities.
I know I'd remain nostalgic of the past for a few days until new adversities.
Those adversities which will again teach me something new and life-lasting.
And, then will I realize that happiness is not a feeling, very imposing.
It is found in the little wins and lessons we learn every day.
Hence, we must solace in every bit of happiness that comes our way.
For, life never brings something which is over-shadowed with the past.
And, its our duty to let its glory and value last.
With the hope of an adventurous and fruitful year on the wait,
Let's be ready to replace 2010 with 2011 in the date.


Nidhi Rajesh Kumari

Gaya, Bihar, India
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