Wet Snows Of Late Winter Poem by Paul Amrod

Wet Snows Of Late Winter

Rising one late winter's morning from bed
I was astounded from the images of Nature.
Symmetrically strewed across the lighter branches
was a freshly fallen snow. For my eyes a pleasure
I then slipped on my walking shoes and a cap on my head
and strolled leisurely carefree for the wonder did enhance
my inspiration to soar with an array of extraordinary pictures.
From the pinnacle of a pine tree the evergreen
was adorned with a breathtaking display of romance
untouched from wind or sunshine. I took on the adventure
to assimilate these moments of rarity unforeseen.
Standing absolutely frozen from Jack Frost's elegance
I did perceive a clever woodpecker as I meandered through a ravine
with tiny cliffs where the snow still gently glistened.
His gentle knocking was a charming consonance
resonating spontaneously as this wanderer curiously listened.
This enchanting paradise was the magical serendipity
of an impromptu of Chione the sister of Cleopatra.
The strands of delicately spread snow evoked cupidity
which secretly warranted passions amongst the risen.
The remarkable twinkle of a clearing's panorama
was an expose of splendid perfection furthering exuberance.
The stunning view of a row of trees, majestic and coniferous,
was a marvel continuously painted for me in lucidity.
The firmament was cozily woven with forms of cumulus
which camouflaged the melting rays of this tranquility.
I ravished the pictorial exhibition which was held in quiescence
endowing me with an adorable absence of luminance.
Heaven has spoken to reassure our sacred ability
to savor the opportunistic succulence of this extravaganza.
As I meditated my eyes then opened as I glimpsed a special glance
on the wintery scenery on a hillside as I wrote a stanza.
Mellowing the tempo of modern hectic is the gift of vivacity
which emits only unequivocal submission to these very chances
of witnessing the depictions of this marvelous landscape.
We will find the significant buoyancy to literally escape
the boring doldrums of an unattractive repetitive routine.
We declare once and forever the glaring truth of the reality
of this unspoken encounter with our world so sacred and terrene.
The invulnerability of the awareness of a protective attitude to reshape
our ecological whereabouts is a summit of absolute necessity.
In the aftermath of my morning's promenade I felt, as I did gape
at the crystalline spectacle, affirmed my convictions for an air so clean.
The ludicrous destruction of our God-given environment is an obscene
absurdity which our grandchildren needn't inherit as the circumstance
of thoughtlessness which will haunt our sensitivity throughout all humanity.
As the afternoon arrived the gorgeousness dissipated for then came the sunbeams.
Nonetheless I cherished these fleeting moments like an elusively nurtured dream.

Paul Amrod

Paul Amrod

Chateaugay, New York
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