Deplorable Necessities Poem by Paul Amrod

Deplorable Necessities

Rating: 5.0

As we all only once were an embryo the conditioning
of societal norms was an abstract formula of subtraction.
The minus sign hung over our future initiating
no ripples in our brainwaves that streamed so freely.
Keeping the roof on bad influences and strange distractions
Then our parents were too involved in communicating
letting us grow like weeds in Paradise so easily.
Our natural stance on predicaments and problems
arrived without anxiety solving each incident in tranquility.
Then came the rules and regulations and indoctrination
to disrupt our prospect of innovation and manifestation.
Returning to our childish wonderland and our fantasies
frolicking through a pile of leaves consumed with frivolity.
Contrasting images would soon appear and we were suddenly solemn
As an earthquake started to rumble we were suddenly envisioning
a possible utopia nonetheless it disappeared amidst the fallen.
With cynical connotations the Illuminati conceives their iniquity
commencing all disruption with the World Bank’s wicked functions.
The preconceptions and favoritism of the powerful lawmakers
have constructed their reasoning with little rhyme or logic.
Many intellectuals have challenged their absurd assumptions
with obvious corruption and narrow-mindedness as a prerequisite.
We are surrounded with a deluge of deplorable necessities.
Taking it upon ourselves to imagine a world without capitalism
warding off consummation and encircling ourselves with the exquisite.
Reciting limericks and singing cantillations so gorgeously euphonic
Engaged full swing in feeding the big machine with our toil and sweat
with time evaporating because of expense. How we wail and fret!
Finding a small vacation but soon we will be murmuring returning to the grind
Spilling out our pockets with a checkpoint for useless paying
Rattling our piggy banks for Uncle Sam; his taxes were another slaying
Rebuking our sense of freedom calling us citizens without humanity
This programmed situation is a sarcastic cartoon after Jane’s calamity.
Today’s prognosis will chastise any individual who requests an apology
The straight jacket is waiting for the candidate who wishes to revise mankind
With a noose or a puzzle or a stronghold with a muzzle
The Bilderbergs will alone order the liquor you will guzzle.
Then you will fancy possessing a glistening auto of some kind.
However Rockefeller has sent you to no Disneyland divine.
You shift into high gear and destroy your precious atmosphere
Asking why the motor burns and kills your timberline.
Then materializes the most contemptuous situation and the greatest threat
An explosive form of a resource conflict which the mercenaries beget
Controlling our Earth with their horrendous and blasphemous glee
Inventing an enemy that was a phantom which should keep us all confined
Baaing like lambs usurping our freedoms and casting us to the lions
No different than the Romans did with Daniel but will we all survive?
Accentuating essentialities with a hypothesis, however no rationale is defined
Permeating our intimacy with poor Edward as a scapegoat
Calling him an atrocious being who is villainous and unpatriotic
Imploring Fernando, the Taurus, to in every aspect protect Orion
Cars, oil and war have baffled our existence and forced us into overdrive
Let’s cherish the moments we have to breathe and be compatriotic
exuding our positiveness through this journey within the novel we once wrote.

Edward Kofi Louis 16 October 2015

Fallen! ! With the problems of life. Thanks for sharing.

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Paul Amrod 12 October 2015

Hi Kelly We as sensitive poets are aware of these subtleties. I have always had the courage to think for myself and have landed in the doghouse for my somewhat drastic comments but poetry is a fine method of diguising anger. Thanks for looking at my efforts. Loved hearing from you, Greetings, Paul

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Paul Amrod 12 October 2015

Hi Michael, I love ratting the cages of politicians. I am also a composer of Rock, Classical and Jazz therefore I have very little tolerance for the obvious manipulation that is the prognosis of the days we are now living in. I am also a peace loving hippy. Thanks a lot for your interest in my poems.Greetings Paul

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Kelly Kurt 12 October 2015

I have long thought that independent thinking is a lost (if seldom possessed) quality. Yes, society indoctrinates us all from birth with its concepts. What is desireable, beautiful, patriotic etc. What we should want, wear, think. Few question. Fewer truly think for themselves. Actions are taken without thought (which would change MOST actions) Even I can be unsure sometimes if my decisions are my own or, at least in some 'guiding' way, subconsciously manifested by societal and cultural norms.

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Michael Walkerjohn 12 October 2015

Aloha Paul... One for reading between the lines... I will to spend a few more moments on these little blurbs of interest... not that all this is not out there but, coming from you, and being posted on this site... curious George? Conditioning of Societal Norms? initiating brainwaves? influences and distractions... communicating so easily? predicaments, problems, anxiety... in tranquility? regulations, indoctrination, manifestation, cynical connotations? In this nation? Surely You Jest... and that is the first quatrain... whatever... I love this term! Believe me my friend... I can dig a deep whole out of the nosh in this... but later... I must be off to work... Hi Ho! All of the best from this life, to you, and all of your relations... Michaelw1two

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Paul Amrod

Paul Amrod

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