What A Great Dad! ! ! ! Not Poem by Lisa John

What A Great Dad! ! ! ! Not

People love their dads
But why is it that i hate you
Do you even know my birthday
Do you even have a clue
That I’d happily exchange you
If I had the chance
And sell you for free
Without a second glance
For the anger burning up inside of me
Is far to much to let be seen
As you are never here
And you can never stay clean
Daddy i loved you i really did
But why can’t you leave us alone
They treat you like a child
Just to keep you under control
The drinking the drugs
Make them someone else’s problem
Co’s im too young
And i just can’t control them
I hate you daddy
And why are you still here
I thought i made it clear
We don’t need you
We don’t want you
You made me cry
I wish you would die
And leave us alone to try to be happy
And try to wash out the stain you had left

Chloe Hay 19 April 2011

Wow! I Can Really Relate To This This Is My Favroite Poem Of Yours! Well Done

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Mohammad Akmal Nazir 19 April 2011

That's very pity. How can a dad behave like this? May be due to his nature or his interest somewhere else. Very strange poem indeed!

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