What Do I Say To Love? Poem by Emmanuel Joseph Olumakiss

What Do I Say To Love?

What do i say to love?
A bond with severe prescript
One in dark with white coronation
Undisputable still faces series of challenge
Resurrecting as many feelings pronounced dead
Appealing to live among names
Dominating various metropolis
Genuine always the look of the face
Citing several quotations
So hearts would easily be won

What do i say to love?
its excesses or mad intoxication
Griping numerous life with its gruesome apparel
Several strengths it held tied down
Sparkling in the eyes but with brutal mother tongue
When observe its true taste
It spread forth its arm like eagle dispatching warm embrace
With willingness to render selfless services
Throwing accommodations so freely
Even to the heart already shielded

The ones already trapped in its zone
it mourn and make mockery of
Undeserving is that of your deeds
Often shows no remorse when the need be
In captivity they are laid many helpless souls
While in endeavor to seeking real happiness
unknown its prison they are pegged
Returning back is neither easy and no way going forward

What do i say to love in its quest for rascality?
Crumble the finger that fed you not twice
A mere misunderstanding that turned war
Rigorous is the road you ever led
it does not often go well
Dwelling in pain in the process of living fine
It is something that bitters not just my own tongue
when many refused to speak up in times of neglect
Some claim what do i have to lose
Still they are buried in unheard sorrow

Yet it still develop the feelings of dying in each others arm
Even when not sure of how one could survive the night
Could it be something different from the life we use to live?
Or possibly the den we dwell inside.

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