Remembrance Poem by Emmanuel Joseph Olumakiss


Rating: 5.0

What will I be remembered for?
Looking at life and the end of age
After sleep refuse wake
Will heaven and earth exchange a hand shake?
Time I depart for a holy call
Leaving the world and all earthly treasures
When am no more the face of the earth
Not lack of country visa
Haven't i overstayed my welcome?
What will I be remembered for?
Living my life my very own way
Take no heed to wisdom and words of men
Will it please my soul
When stop the middle of the road?
Will tongue recite my name...?
Is it mouth that will push it to the drain?
Many my mate twice my age;
Will they have something to regret?
After run my race;
Journey the world second phase
What will be my fate?
Time the spoiler ruin the day
And seize mid night for a rest
And Christ awake
What's their present?
Running the run
The bold battle
Have I won!
Suddenly overtake by mourn
Before wake; Christ is gone
What will you be remembered for?
Count your years running for the world;
At exhausted age
What if the future be at stake...?
Is it gain you count or regret?
Even the people that put evil on replay;
After you hunt and captured his soul
Glad at last he go...
The grave will it be good for a home?
Remember one day you will surely go
And your stories will be things of old
After chased to chase the earth beneath
What's future my fate?
God be proud I work!
Devil 'd stand my luck!
Angels cheer....
Isn't for warm welcome?
Who need speak my behalf?
When the call is called
Has living groan...?
When righteous drop!
Them that celebrate the loss;
Aren't them the heroes of ikoyi's night club?
Those i harm in wrong won't charge me to court!
Children of men I begot might seal their love
What will I be remembered for?
Dying the death of my fathers
Crawling the world second phase
I 've hold nothing
Drown in the country's river bank
Dream done and dusted
How will the children survive?
Take to stealing or strive
Stress I know will run their brain
Struggle on their own the new page
Those that cry my cry
Is it for love sake?
Not I refuse wake; to feed them till they seek grave
Will my remembrance be heard in the church
For all the good I 've done
Is it in the court, for my wrong
Will it stand the deeds of the past & the test of time?
Knowing I was once borne
and carried the world on my head.

Ebuka 15 July 2020

I love this piece of work its mind blowing and educative

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Olamide 15 July 2020

E. J. O is one of new generation poet that writes good poem I love all his work.

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Dr Dillip K Swain 25 December 2021

Wonderful. The value of this poem lies with humble self appraisal.. great

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Dr Antony Theodore 01 September 2020

Will my remembrance be heard in the church For all the good I 've done Is it in the court, for my wrong Will it stand the deeds of the past & the test of time? a very good poem. full of ideas. tony

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Kosella 19 July 2020

Each time I read this poem it makes me have a rethink about my life. Thanks poet for this message

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Robert 19 July 2020

The same question I ask myself every day “what will I be remembered for“when I left this world

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Tabutha 15 July 2020

Such a good piece of work I love it

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