If You Think You Are Loved By All Poem by Emmanuel Joseph Olumakiss

If You Think You Are Loved By All

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Fix yea your eyes on God
And not the people of this world

Beat not your chest and cheer
Thinking your folks truly care

Try them when deeply in need
Only few I've known to be meek

If you think you're loved by all
Then you've not seen it all

Probably for your grains in store
It isn't because you're poor

Lie flat and refuse wake
Tell friends you've got some pain

Your own death you could easily fake
To know your true friends and the ones that are fake.

''If you think you're loved by all'' is two lines poetry meant to enlighten the readers on inhuman nature of man and misconception of love mostly when its not true. There is this culture of admiration and being fond of one especially when he's endowed with goodies you could see multidues flocking around such a soul unlike when the days are hard which has been human nature. So if you think you're loved by all kindly put them to test to know how genuine their feelings are.
Chinedu Dike 27 July 2021

Highly relatable. A sad truth, well thought out and nicely penned with conviction. Thanks for sharing and do remain enriched.

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Thanks Sir Lius A. Estable for your comments. the truth is this; I've been broken in love. many only come to me in riches unlike when am endowed with clutches.

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Luis A. Estable 04 July 2021

To love a god is fine, but nothing comes from above. Your house, clothes, money come from this world. The notes on your poems are faulty. I can`t say much due to space, but your argument is mistaken

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