Atef Ayadi

What Do You Think About Women? - Poem by Atef Ayadi

It may take me
More than three millions years
To know only one unique woman;
A long journey,
So heroic
Bloody –wine or real blood; it does not really matter-
With tears or with pure water.
Really knowing her
From head to toes,
Inch square by inch square
One hair at a time,
One lashes at a time;
One breath at a time
One glance a time
And then assemble
All the pictures
All this poetry,
It looks like
Assembling and disassembling
Coding and decoding,
Reading and writing,
And my problem is to cope with that
To find a harmony between what learn,
My responses and what is
In front of me,
Or what is really in my head.

The lips: the mute soul
Is my new discipline
I am not expecting
Nobel price;
But it is worth the adventure
At least I could understand
The reason of my own lips’ existence;
Or my own existence.

Her feeling:
The one that stays inside
And the one she puts outside
To dry out.
This is a very important matter of life
It is like or more than spirituality
It is like dying without regrets
Making a suicide for the sake of life
Or live at the edge of hell and heaven

See, between her physique
And her chemistry is a
World of mathematics and anthropology.
And do not forget about others major disciplines.

Now if I want to move to the next woman
First, I ask my self if it is possible
To detach from the first one;
I mean: eliminate the bias of the first lady
Is it possible to have the same energy
For a new three millions years trip?

So I can not answer
The question, because I still
Do not have a clear picture
And I am not equipped with
High-tech gadgets
To zoom in and out
To weight or measure
The when, what, where, and the How
Of a woman.
I only have a long breath.

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Poem Submitted: Friday, November 24, 2006

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