Justin Reamer

Freshman - 967 Points (2 October 1993 / Holland, Michigan)

What If...? - Poem by Justin Reamer

Late one night,
I started dreaming,
Dreaming many things,
And questions went through my head,
As if an endless cycle,
And the wheel kept spinning round and round,
Without a push of friction...

What if I had been mean to someone?
What if I had eaten a jumbo burger?
What if I had a different father?
What if I hadn't had Asperger?
What if I had a girlfriend?
What if I turned green?
What if I had a different past?
What if I told someone he was mean?
What if she didn't mistreat me?
What if I had not written the Letter?
What if I had been on Mars?
What if everything was better?
What if I were a girl?
What if I were married?
What if I had breasts?
What if I were buried?
What if I had not been yelled at?
What if I had not shouted?
What if my sister hadn't been molested?
What if my brother hadn't pouted?
What if I grew facial hair?
What if Dad wasn't abusive?
What if I didn't look so weird?
What if bullies weren't persuasive?
What if Bruce hadn't come along?
What if Mum had died?
What if we went through home foreclosure?
What if I hadn't tried?
What if Elyse couldn't go to college?
What if I hadn't had an injury?
What if my little sister hadn't cut her hair?
What if Bill Clinton didn't commit perjury?
What if Hitler didn't kill the Jews?
Or never came to power?
What if al Qaeda hadn't attacked?
What if we did not take showers?
What if Japan hadn't been bombed?
What if I had self-esteem?
What if Bush hadn't invaded Iraq?
What if things weren't as they seemed?
What if Dad had not gone bankrupt?
What if I had committed suicide?
What if Circuit City stayed in business?
What if Stalin hadn't committed genocide?
What if a friend hadn't drunk?
What if my aunt had escaped death?
What if the world never smoked?
What if they had not made meth?
What if there was World Peace?
What if there were no nukes?
What if we were vegans?
What if all he had were cukes?
What if the Cold War had progressed?
What if the USSR took over?
What if there were a new world order?
What if we hadn't had land rovers?
What if I had two belly buttons?
What if we had a third eye?
What if we flew like birds?
What if we knew every digit of pi?
What if my native tongue was Greek?
What if we were Dutch?
What if we were homeless?
What if we didn't have that much?
What if we lived in the desert?
What if we were poor?
What if we didn't have property?
What if I didn't do my chores?
What if we were all the same?
What if we were clones?
What if we were robots?
What if we spoke in drones?
What if I were gay?
Or bi on the side?
What if we weren't prejudiced?
What if we didn't shave our hides?
What if we didn't have discrimination?
What if there wasn't racism?
What if we had determination?
What if there wasn't sexism?
What if we believed in abstinence?
What if we were chaste?
What if we didn't have scandals?
What if we didn't have any taste?
What if we weren't crazy?
What if we weren't wasteful?
What if we did not pollute?
What if we were graceful?
What if God has 100 ears?
What if He has four arms?
What if He has created other life?
What if man knew His charms?
What if Lucifer had not fallen?
What if he had no pride?
What if Satan had not tempted?
What if we didn't stride?
What if we were monkeys?
What if the world were free?
What if we were all coordinated?
What if we could all climb trees?
What if we were turkeys?
Or even birds perhaps?
What if we were perfect?
What if we didn't have mishaps?
What if things were better?
Better than today?
What if things were normal?
AS normal as a pile of hay?
What if I drank a glass of wine?
What if we did not eat swine?

The questions ran through my head,
Again and again.
They never came
To an end.
I do not know where
They came from,
They never ceased to end.
The wheel raced again,
As I fell asleep the next night.

Poet's Notes about The Poem

This was a poem inspired by Shel Silverstein. It is from 'The State of Harmony.' I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to comment and vote.

Comments about What If...? by Justin Reamer

  • Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal (8/9/2012 8:15:00 PM)

    The wheel raced again,
    As I fell asleep the next night., , , lovley poem with endless questions..10

    you will have no answer
    it may sometimes be with fewer
    who knows what is in store for us
    jut believe and trust
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  • Rue Palmer (8/7/2012 4:34:00 PM)

    yes indeed a long one but never the less has its place, , what ifs is always poppin up, reality is they never last unless we want them to, , good penmanship love this one, ,52343 (Report) Reply

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