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With disdain i gave out a sigh
and with hope i look in the sky
it was a surprise to see, something
really spectacular in me.


Intimate embrace, passions fire
in tender space, two hearts find
their place...

I knelt to pray but not for long, I had too much to do.

I had to hurry and get to work, for bills would soon be due.

I come to you with open arms,
intended for us to merge as one.
but you were so shy, you let me
have it in the eye.....

We all share the same destination,
check out the down town six train,
on the bus ever one has a stop, a view
of monday night football game, mugging

where ever I go he is with me,
in everything I do he is with me
my whole life he is with me
he carry me...where ever I go

re you ready to take a leap of faith with me?
Are you ready to make each others dream come through?
No chess games, no games all
No penny pinching, no vindictiveness, no lies.


Your eyes is like nothing
I have seen
dark and bold, so sharp and witty.

In strength and grace, a mother stand so tall,
her spirit, fierce, can weather any storm, with
wisdoms touch, she nurtures and reforms,
a beacon of love, she conquers all, her laughter

in Septembers solemn light,
we pause to remember, a day
etched in history, on the eleventh
of September, the sky so clear, the morning

The world is in a spin politician is in a spin, yet we fight to see the new world order, , vaccine is the thing yet we fail to see the spin, nature is falling while Humpty Dumpty get calling, , , black lives matter is bawling spinning the game
While the world is spinning out of control we fight to reach the mind of the fallen, ,
The world is in a spin, wobbling sometime with feelings, global manefestation
Take a hold and we fail to see the calling, , , black man is dieting because we see no reason to strive jails are crumbling bursting with the pain of brothers crying,

My feet is hot and the fire never stop, ,
Before you step hold my hands, I see no tears in your eyes
I see no fears in your hearth but earth is red and the fire never stops,
My father never lie but my teachers did, my brother never lie but my pastors did, , my mother never lies but my politician did, , my sister never lie but their man did, my feet is hot and the fire never stops, my barber never lies but the government did, , water is cold but the wood is dry, , rain com calling but

This was a place I was born in
But I know not of, hidden in the darkest facade
Of our surroundings is the brutal gangs that terrorize
The innocent, , illtreat the old and unprotected tear family

My feet is hot fire never stop
Before you step hold my hands
I see no tears in your eyes
I see no fear in your heart


Hold my hand mama
you are devine and I love you.
you are the guiding light in my soul
you cover me with your prayers

In Africas heart, a tapestry unfolds,
a culture rich in stories yet untold
Bantu a people with spirits bright
dancing to rhythms under starry sky

In shadows of night, a radiant queen, her strength and grace
a sight to be seen, with skin like onyx, a deep, rich hue
she carries the world, her spirit so true, this is my black woman.

In the land where the reggae beats
flow free, live a spirit of unity and harmony,
you see Rastafarians, with teir lions paw in red,
gold, and green they stride.



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My Rainbow

With disdain i gave out a sigh
and with hope i look in the sky
it was a surprise to see, something
really spectacular in me.

There was red. purple, yellow, blue, orange, gray, mauve,
to name a few, the cloud the rain and the flood
were subdued, my hope and dreams were quickly renewed.

Look up get back that vibe and lift your spirit,
there is no dark cloud all is bright,
weeping was only for the night,
my rainbow brought me wondrous sunlight.

Remember that Noah send out a dove
when he send out the rainbow from above
if life's journey should take me astray
my rainbow will even lead the way.

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