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Music is life
Music is colorful
Music is passion
Music is soothing.

My mind is clear as crystal,
When I think about you dear,
Feel so excited from my heart,
Flowing alluring thoughts of you.

Time we never get back,
It always takes us ahead,
Time is dear to all of us,
It gives sweet memories.

Wandering in the woods for you,
Wanting to meet you dear,
Waiting to know from you,
When can we meet dear?

I can see the sparkling eyes,
This glitters while looking at me,
Wants to say so many things,
That he spoke through his silence.

When we saw for the first time,
Just knowing him as a kinsman
Was just yearning to find out,
Who this handsome lad was,

Strange is our life to live
No idea where it leads
But still live on hope
Where is it going to take?

Moonlight in the beach is awesome,
Moonlight creates lovely mood,
Moonlight makes your mind so fresh,
Moonlight makes you feel pleasant.

Nothing is for sure in life,
Everything keep changing,
And Life is so mechanical.

Seeing a child in an orphanage,
Just can’t imagine the plight,
Feeling of sadness arise,
Who had done that mistake?

A sweet gift of God

Had a sweet loving friend called Bingo
He was very good and attached

Majestic Indian Ocean
Manly Bay of Bengal
Gorgeous Arabian Sea
Exquisitely joined

Can see the world suffering,
All the faces sad and tensed,
Not sure what is happening,
Suddenly one by one left.

Heart speaks more
When your tempting
Eyes Starts looking
At me thus silently,

O’ river your are so calm,
Nice to see way you flow,
Love to watch the sun set,
So attractive you look then.

Sky is tempting
Shinning at night
Looks down to beam
That attracts each eye.

Paintings are meaningful
Drawn with heart felt
Passion of desires in canvas
Make them very colourful.

Most rare but beautiful friendship,
Unable to neither see nor feel it,
Not able to make it all of a sudden,
Takes time to find a loving friend.

Sunset at the coral beach
The most beautiful sight
Looking at the awesome sun
Just diving into the sea

You look calm and elegant
Your divinity is amazing
Would love to be around
Singing praises for you

The Best Poem Of Sreekala Sukumaran

Music Is Endless

Music is life
Music is colorful
Music is passion
Music is soothing.

Music makes one romantic
Music evades loneliness
Music makes to forget worries
Music gives hope.

Music can take you ages back
Music can tell you stories
Music can control emotions
Music is always endless….

Sreekala Sukumaran Comments

Sukumar Varier 03 April 2016

Good poetic sense.Fine imageries.An experience reading her

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Vimal Renjith 02 February 2011

Read your poems very well you have written with full of emotions and romantic too, good work keep writing and would like to read your new poems.

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Biju Kp 26 June 2010

Passionate Hearts...... It's real passionate frame of mind of love.. silence is the sign of a scholar.. through the expression.. we can exchange a lot.. no doubt that silence is the best media to articulate our Love.. Here poet boldly pointed out it.. Human being have certain feelings.. way of expression also different.. Here poet thrives the best tactic…

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Biju Kp 22 June 2010

Your Poem Time is Priceless is so wonderful. I just read it. I become so nostalgic while I read your poem. Way of expression is so fantastic. It attracts everyone. In fact I gone through my child hood days for a while.. its heart touching.. become so emotional too. Good work.. Keep it up. I read your Poem A Lonely Smile... heart touching poem.. A vision towards orphan.. who seeks shelter.. you raise up the moral responsibility of human being to turn on it.. you have boldly pointed out their genuine feelings..lackness of love.. care... Without Love and Care, it is so hard to stay on this planet..

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Pramod Mule 15 May 2010

Dear Sreekala I liked your all peoms a lot. In particular A Sweet Gift of God and Does Dream Come True are best efforts. Hope to see further best of yours

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