What Is Poetry? How To Say It Poem by Bijay Kant Dubey

What Is Poetry? How To Say It

What is poetry?
How to say it.
Poetry is song, music, dance, painting, art and architecture, sculpture, theatre and literature,
Poetry is poetry,
Poetry is philosophy,
The philosophy of life and the world,
Poetry Brahminical, non-Brahminical,
One who Brahma is a Brahmin,
Poetry a discussion of Prakriti and Purusha,
The lingam-yoni motif,
Poetry a discussion of the self,
The Soul and the Supreme Soul,
The Mind and the Over Mind,
Poetry cosmic, supra-mental, transcendental,
Poetry mundane, terrestrial,
Poetry dreamy, visionary
Full of imagination,
Poetry romantic,
Poetry lyrical and song-like,
Poetry prosaic, poetry poetic,
Poetry stylistic, linguistic,
Poetry verbose and pedantic
And scholastic,
Poetry classical and folk-relating,
Poetry as tours, ravels and travelogues,
Poetry regional, of the region
With its cartography and mapping,
Poetry global, trans-continental,
Poetry as graphic art and animation,
Poetry in the age of the internet,
Poetry communicative,
Poetry as language-knowing
A study of sound, sign and symbol,
Poetry the poetry of poetry,
The poetry of the heart,
Poetry philosophy,
Art and drama,
As the love songs,
Poetry the lyrics of life,
Poetry existential, poetry nihilistic,
Poetry agnostic, Poetry is nihilism,
The land's end,
The distant landscapes where the horizons
Seem to be lurking and meeting the ground,
The skies hanging over,
Empty spaces, blank musings,
Vacant minds dreaming,
Thinking about life and the world
But no answer, no answer to get,
Poetry image, dance, drama, song, comic, joke
And it all,
Poetry cartoons in words,
Poetry smiles,
Poetry humour, good humour, bad humour,
Poetry satire,
Irony, fun, pun and doublespeak,
Poetry overtones, undertones,
Poetry confessional, biographical, autobiographical,
Poetry poetry, a novel in verse,
A short story, a one-act play,
Poetry lyrical, poetry theatrical,
Poetry as gesture, dance drama,
poetry mythical, poetry symbolical,
Poetry rhythmic, as beats,
The beats of music and song,
Poetry as recitation,
Poetry the rhythm of devotion,
Poetry as going over the sound track,
Poetry as word setting,
Poetry rhetoric, prosodic
Dealing with the rules and regulations of poesy,
Poetry jarring,
Poetry complex and pressed for prosaic structure,
Poetry urban and meaningless, searching for meaning,
Poetry of factories and city-dwelling,
Poetry rural and countrified
With the problems of its own,
Poetry the poetry of Nature
Of the hills, trees, woods, lakes, rivers, pastures,
Highlands and lowlands,
Poetry poetry
of the hamlet homes and villages
Languishing in poverty and scarcity,
Poetry poetry
Of the town, cities, metropolis and mega cities,
Poetry as images, ideas, thoughts, reflections,
Dreams, visions, fancies,
Poetry pictures, photos,
Human creation and re-creation
As matter and mass change they not,
The world is as it was,
The world is as it will be
The process of creation systematic,
But here we for knowledge.

Jane Campion 06 August 2019

Poetry is that and everything else.

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