Anita Khelawan

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What's The Use? - Poem by Anita Khelawan

I say you are mine,
Which basically means to have for a lifetime.
You call me yours,
Loving me with all my flaws.

We're official acknowledging each other,
It's like an agreement loving no other.
For your love is what I devour.

I love you, I love you, I love you,
Is something I look forward to.
Even when you don't say it as much as
I would like you, I know you love me too.

We've passed the stage of infatuation,
And the feeling I'm getting is I need to pay attention to my intuition.
Only God knows for what,
I hate having funny feelings in my gut.

In the beginning I was given all the warning,
But being the person I am wanted to stand out.
Now I'm feeling like having some 'cuss out'.
I know it wasn't going to be easy,
Thank God I have will power cause I'm not going to go crazy.

The question of the day, 'What's the use? '
Oh my goodness I'm getting back my 'doh care' attitude.
I really don't want to be rude or start acting like a fool,
But it is what it is and you're ain't no tool.
I was told the feelings that I have in the beginning,
In the end they'll have opposite meaning.

What's the use? Why bother?
Is this a test to get me mad?
To make me feel sad?
To make me cry?
Yes it's annoying at times.
Strange but i understand why
But at the end of it all i know you are mines.

How do i know this?
What if it's a lie? ?
I was given the word, and your word is good.
For i trust you blindly,
Love truly and completely,
And miss only.

Rubbish! ! ! What's the use?
For words are wind and talk is cheap.
Well my dearest as i was told and i tell it to you,
Vision is the art of seeing the invisible
But it is not invisible for it was made for us to see.
Even though it's meant to be unheard of and unseen.

All i know is when hard times is coming,
After that something great is yet to happen.
I know it's not going to be easy,
In the end it's going to be me and my b.......Look here I hate being mushy.

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