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Giving birth at a tender age was not my intention,
How did this happen to me is still a confusion.
'Pregnant', me ha! never!
But his charming looks and boy was he clever.

Bear it all to me
Tell me your lucid dreams
Let us converse telepathically
Feed off my energy

I hate my life,
There were many times I wish I could die.
I at times really feel like dying,
But I only end up crying.

Death is calling at my door,
Knock Knock not another joke.
This time I'm actually scared.

Waiting to be jaded
Waiting for our memories to be faded
I'm fedup but still here
I want to leave but go where?

Yes I am black and dats a fact.
To some its just a colour,
I look at it as the history of my ancestor.
As my friend said 'black is about spirit and soul'

Branded with a smile.
I am a delusion in disguise.
People have a tendency to like my vibe,
And you are lead to believe everything is alright.

All I'll ever write is sad love poems
How can I have such powerful values
Yet stand for nothing because of love
I used to love me once

I chose you.
I am my mother's baby,
And you gladly raised me.

I love you more than I love myself
That's why I'm blind to everyone else
I like things that sharing markings of you
But I love you and only you

I love u
U love me
For once I feel content
I'll sit back and enjoy all that comes from being your heaven sent


Some nights I go to bed Crying,
Those were the days I was really hurting.
I was never a fan of weeping,
Yet it was my solution to get what I was yearning.

He outgrew my love
That is a wrap for us
He urged that I move on
While I yearn to be strong

Dear son
I love you beyond words feeling s and description
I want the best for you
I want to give you profound value

Him: I answered you 
Her: I asked more.. But just friends we are then?   
Him: U ask if I wanna Explore more  
: I told u I answered U 

I have confessed my love for you
I told you all my truths
I wish my mother was there to warn me about love
My parents heart ache for me as I go through this break up

You are always on my mind
But our reality doesn't exist in this space nor time
I keep wondering how you do
I wish I could constantly talk to you

6th March, that is when my New Year has begun
6th March, out of three hundred and sixty-five days, I only get but one
6th March,2022 I am thirty-two
Today I get to share the same number as you

You don't love me no more
I love you for sure
It would have been great
If I met Mr. Right off the back

Sometimes I wish I didn't love you so much
Sometimes I wish I could hold my ground
Sometimes I wish it was much easier to let you go
I'm conflicted with myself

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I'm not a fan of reading but I love to write.(how ironic) I'm quiet at times and outgoing. Also I'm very friendly and kind-hearted. i enjoy writing poems. Poems are my release to describe whatever emotions I'm going through at the time. Hope you like and appreciate what I have written thank you in advance. :))

The Best Poem Of Anita Khelawan

Teenage Pregnancy

Giving birth at a tender age was not my intention,
How did this happen to me is still a confusion.
'Pregnant', me ha! never!
But his charming looks and boy was he clever.
The naive girl that I was, believed his lies and how he loved me so much,
I could not resist his charm but he convinced me wit his soothing and caressing touch.

The first time I saw Danny, he looked so handsome, strong and fun,
But coming to the end he turned out to be a real bum.
He wooed me with words and won me over,
I was shocked we would actually exchange our numbers.
When he first called, I could not believe it is really Danny.
We talked and talked for more than three hours,
Days and weeks had past; just before you know it we became closer.

Danny called me during the midday and told me to come home by him to lime and to have a bit of one on one time together.
I agreed to his idea but what did i know?
I thought all the girlfriends were doing it.

As soon as I entered his house, he started kissing me everywhere and all about.
He told me to relax and do not be afraid,
I pleaded with him to stop that I was not ready for that kind of thing.
Danny said, 'girl why are you so uptight? '
But i could not care, I screamed with all might.
Stop! Please! Stop!
He gave me a slap and told me to shut up.
I was humiliated, embarrassed and afraid.
And no one came to my aid.

When he was done he sent me home,
I called 999 on my telephone.
We, my parents took him to court and won the case.
I thought my sorrows had gone,
But little did I know my troubles had just begun.
Danny is gone in the wind but where does that leave me?
A baby and I am only fifteen.

Anita Khelawan Comments

I wish to compliment you for having a passion for poetry and for your continued success. Poetry is a lifelong journey and the pathway through the wisdom of the soul.

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Kewayne Wadley 16 February 2016

From what I've read so far. This poet is amazingly gifted. Being able to feed off raw emotion and capture that picture Perfectly the first time isn't an easy feat. But she does so with ease. Its been a pleasure meeting her here and hope you enjoy her work Just as I have. Very passionate writer!

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Ramesh Rai 01 July 2015

It is pity that you have made yourself aloof from poetry. Undoubtly Anita is a passionate writer. I wish her to be back again and spare a little time for poetry. Poetry needs her.if

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Anita Khelawan Quotes

'We choose our joys and sorrows long before we experience them.'

What is mine will always know my face

Even when you try your hardest to be positive it doesn't matter once negative energy exist. Negative + Positive equates Negative

Love is so short and oblivion so long.

Grace be unto you, and peace from him which is, which was and which is to come.

Life isn't about avoiding the bruises. It's about collecting the scars to prove we showed up for it.

Sometimes you will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory

We walk the same path and yet so far apart

The only difference between you and the person you admire is their perspective on life.

Protected you like my king,   Loved you as my life,   Helped you as best buddy,  

Oh, may your silhouette never dissolve on the beach; may your eyelids never flutter into the empty distance

Man, I know that it's hard to digest But maybe this story ain't so different from the rest And I know it seems wrong to accept

I will never forget that you did love me even when you ferret all the time. All the time.

Love's gift cannot be given, it waits to be accepted.

and what a love was like before there were no lovers

Random faces committing familiar acts self conscious to the face that stares back at her

Self conscious to the face that stares back at her

You've grown silent while actions speak louder

I'm content with the existence I have carved for myself....

Nothing else matters but that we mean what we say, Nothing else matters but that we both feel this way.

Questions burn holes in the comfort you've built.

I know your voice like I know my own,

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Anita Khelawan Popularity

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