What Should This Fair Maiden Do? Poem by Leila Mass

What Should This Fair Maiden Do?

People say girls have too much emotions
And that's what's causing my dilemma
I'm forcing myself to choose
Between bachelor Number One and bachelor Number Two.

I thought I was done with Number One
But he came back, and I'm finding it hard to resist him
The bad thing is
I'm currently with Number Two.

He is completely oblivious to my other feelings
But I suspect he is not being faithful
Number One says to get back together with him
Yet for Number Two, I'm still hopeful.

Number One confessed his true feelings for me
And when I said nothing, he became fustrated
After a long time of hearing him say sweet things, he surprised me
He was quite rude and left me with this dilemma, making it harder.

Number Two is my boo
And I dont want to lie to him, but he doesn't need the whole truth
For all I know, everything he says to me could be a lie
Because I have fairly strong suspicions that he's with another girl.

Everybody I know has a very biased opinion
That I do not dare to ever follow
So tell me, what should this fair maiden do?
Before her heart goes completely hollow.

Leila Mass

Leila Mass

Houston, Texas
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