Sad And Happy Poem by Leila Mass

Sad And Happy

Rating: 5.0

Sadness crashed into my life
Like a tornado with no warning
When Christmas rolls around
And my whole family isn't there
Sadness works its way deep into my thoughts
Like a bitter piece if sugarless candy seeping into my tongue
When memories of what little I can remember from the divorce
Creep into my dreams, stealing my relaxation
And turning it into a restless night
But I have to keep in mind, happiness is just a smile away
And with that smile, my life becomes joyous again

Gita Ashok 21 June 2010

This is a beautiful work of art.Thanks for sharing.

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Kesav Easwaran 12 October 2009

reflective longing sad...nicely crafted piece Leila...thanks...10

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Destinee Gail 11 October 2009

Very nice! Touching! My parents got a divorce a while ago and I never feel as if my whole family is around. Even though you are probably talking about a divorce with you! I still understand the family, I don't see much of my father so a lot of my family is missing in the picture. But I enjoy and smile with the family that I do have that is there for me and with me! - Destinee

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Leila Mass

Leila Mass

Houston, Texas
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