What Was Being Good, What Will Being Better Poem by Jude's Child

What Was Being Good, What Will Being Better

By chance italian we did meet
Neither aware of the pitter patter of feet
Life's interests we talked all abound
The same, ditto, alike we found
A long road we've walked you and I
Hazardous at times, risks were high
A new day has come
We are wiser now
A new beginning to what once was
What was being good, what will being better

Cloudy my days have been
I search my memory for daylight
Glimpses of truth hidden between
Dark spaces, cruel, always night
A blessing for the shoe-shaped land
For I am blessed the same
I took you by the hand
'My love' I know you by no other name

If words were enough I'd write a book

My greatest want in this life, this day
Is that these words reach you my Fay
Reach into your deepest scars
Destroy the darkness, the clouds
For they are truth
My truth

Times have not always been undecided
We were stars you and I
Untamed and joyous to breathe
Your happiness soothing my soul
Your happiness my goal

Why should we be scarred?
Why should a star fade?
Questions I'm going to ask one day
When my bumpy existence fades away
Time is what I have
I wasted it, to much
I've been ignorant
To myself....
What a fool refuses to remember
Will be his demise
I remember now
I opened the door.....

And found the door was never shut
Funny that...my macho image
My mouth uttering foolish rants
But would I be foolish
If I stepped through the door?

Life is not without assistance
Many substances to tame the feet
To slow the step
......Thats not me anymore....

I finally wrote down what I want
A checklist....targets are set
Smiles on my face when I found
You are there......
But you were always there


As the sun sets on this day
I write my last target down
I want to revisit Harold's Bay
.........With you my Fay

(March 2007)

Jude's Child

Jude's Child

South Africa
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