When I See You

Rating: 4.5

When I see you, I love you
I saw you with your friends
But you never saw me.

When I see you, the world ain't there
I only see you and me
That smile of yours makes me melt.

When I see you, I feel special
Because you looked my way
And I felt noticed.

When I see you, it's just you and me
You make my world light up
I would do anything for you.

When I see you, I have a smile like no other
I get butterflies in my stomach
And the world knows I'm happy

And it's all because of

When I see you

Nicole Bentley 04 June 2006

Hey Chantel i like this poem it is so so so true and i fell that same way forf some people like that one night! ! ! if you remember! ! i hope so b/c i am not going to say it on here! ! well love ya nikki ttyl

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Lydia Henderson 30 March 2006

Sad how that works. You like, but are never notice. I hate that feeling. Sometimes the best thing is right in front of someone, but they never seem to notice it. They have no idea what they're missing.

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