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School Is Not So Cool

Rating: 3.9

School, School, School,
A school is not so cool
We're here 5 days a week
8 hours a day.
School, School, School,
A school is not so cool.
People laugh when we fall
we just have to make a call.
School, School, School
A school is not so cool.

We have to work hard to get good grades
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Kelsey Emes 23 May 2008

You keep on writting your haert out

27 20 Reply
Cassandra Chai 12 March 2008

I Think Your poem Is DAMN True And That I LOVE IT! =D Rock On!

29 17 Reply
Jerrica Juarez 03 March 2008

Hey this is a great adn very true Poem..=) i really liked it........ all of the words in this poem are so true..... =) great Poem

24 17 Reply
Annabelle James 05 May 2006

Words fail me. This poem is truly truly awful. What were you thinking? ? This is like something a three year old would write...while drunk. How this is 183 completely baffles me. Like seriously. What? ? ?

15 17 Reply
Keiromi Nozomu 24 October 2007

Awesome~ Great poem...I totally agree with you about school...

18 12 Reply
deez 26 August 2021

im in school right now and i feel this way

1 0 Reply
LeeAnn Azzopardi 23 July 2021

the story of my high school years only i was bully

0 0 Reply
Sylvia Frances Chan 23 July 2021

Still very enjoyable to read. I never hate school. The school was my playground, I was a rebel, a constant playing schoolkid BUT I am through all subjects.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 23 July 2021

Crystal clearly worded and such singing tune and rhyming tones, very fascinating! 5 Stars full and to my Favourites

0 1 Reply
whooooo am i 30 November 2020

i hate school .

1 1 Reply