When Snows Fall, Then There Will Be Hard Times - - Poem by MOHAMMAD SKATI

Snows fall heavily Over there turning everything wholly White anywhere and everywhere... It is better to go in-doors rather To be out-doors anytime... In the beginning snows are okay, but They turn accumulated piles of Hard times anywhere and everywhere... Chimneys are clearly seen Through their smokes... It is a pretty painting of That pretty nature that Looks like a silent life... Driving is totally impossible Especially when snows' accumulated piles Get bigger and bigger around houses or Even anywhere... Winds blow violently and they Spread small pieces of snow everywhere... Life turns totally lovely and Ugly at the same time... Everything comes to a total standstill Which looks like a curfew anywhere... Snows cover everything outside and We try happily to look through Our windows' glass panes to see That pretty snowfall... All pizza stores close their doors When snow-storms get intensifying rapidly And all drivers refuse to deliver pizzas To those risky roads and streets... Emergency crews work had just To spread salt and to remove all snows ahead... Birds and all other creatures go Inside keeping themselves safer... Radio stations and TV stations broadcast Telling residents about what's going on... Careless drivers get trapped as a result of their carelessness and their recklessness... It is very cold and It is hard for anyone to walk out alone... It is difficult to think about Any snowfall simply because one should wait For any snowstorm' end anytime... There are those hard times that ensue Any any immediate snowfall... _________________________________________________ _____________________

Topic(s) of this poem: winter

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, January 26, 2016

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