Jonathan ROBIN

Freshman - 544 Points (22 September / London)

When Stardust Wave Wove Solar System - Poem by Jonathan ROBIN

Dust replicates infinite forms which
show all equal, contribute to stitch
together those sharing common goal,
offers explanations how each soul
through interaction, understanding rich,
can combine to reinforce the whole

As may be seen in image, bottom right,
odd bird observes the cosmos starry night.
Jonathan Livingstone Seagull by name:
what substantiates his claim to fame?

In India two thousand years ago
the sages taught the nature of Time’s flow,
from them the legend of the bird of time
evolved until it found this feathered rhyme.

See notes below: the Himalayas high
will one day sink to sea which now kiss sky.
Silk scarfed our bird once in each thousand years
draws veil in beak across sharp peak, say seers.

And so our gull ungullible as Gulliver
Time travels, transmits signals to deliver
to [s]he whose soul tunes into silver lyre.
Rhyme shows dust flows, must cosmic gust inspire.

At center see blue planet’s eye that scans
the heavens heedless of the tracks that man’s
pride dares presume indelibly must [l]ink
his seed, ill sown he’d own, as ice caps s[hr]ink.

Two guardians of Earth’s integrity
flank fair blue planet, guard from sea to sea:
at sinister see Pegasus in white
gallops against all compromise in write.

At dexter rampant lion's challenge roars
at who ill judges or false praises pours
upon verse artificial or, worse, blank,
while reciprocity requesting, rank.

Around the image planets are portrayed
as solar system orbits' accolade
inspiring some with egocentric thought,
and some of torts, though this bird caught some sort
of waveband cosmic consciousness a-whirl,
in wondrous cloud curls, eddy, ripple, swirl,
as light appears in fractal echoes which
mental images forever stitch.

This canvas thus extends above our earth
to northern lights exposed, their flows are worth
ten thousand verses for each split degree
that shines divine in harmony all see.

Against the background of our galaxy
whale, orc, plough waves upon an azure sea
while eagle owl would threat, yet fears to fly
as high as bird whose mission may not die.

WHEN star dust wave wove solar system’s stage
Heavens seen through Earthling eye shone bright,
Enchanting sable, white, aragonite,
No time knew, so rhyme true scanned man’s planned page.

STARburst star thirst sated, life storm’s cage
Thrust through to helix forms, from stalag tight,
As pterodactyls’ prehistoric might
Rose, fell, made way for more enlightened age.

DUST whirled, swirled, curled, then thickened. Sot and sage
Understand not how and why from slight
Starting blocks locks lifted, startling sight.
The bang rang though yugs tugged, space none may guage.

WAVE tsunami soon SOON AM I’s rage
Awareness caught, or thought it sought, to write
Vatic vista veil cloud dreams invite.
Ending beginnings, fresh phase would engage.

WOVEn Time chimes through these stanzas, greige
Open source creation loom groomed light
Vast vision canvas tune-runes warp-weft quite
Entangled seem, yet stream’s gleams sense assuage

SOLAR centric painted image, wage
Owing ways the Way interprets night
Leads to, through, day, wor[l]d weaving strange delight
ARound cloud cover, powder pattern stage.

SYSTEMs surge, frame chaos, disengage
STumbling blocks which shutter-b[l]ind insight,
Effect and Cause perspectives fly fresh kite,
Many dimensions narrow views upstage.

Aurora Borealis has supplied
eagle eyed perception, frees wave frieze
to orchestrate white, azure, cosmic guide.
Above above the soaring seagull sees
how pattern fits, would paint its canvas wide.
Pegasus, inspired, leaps boundaries.

Poet's Notes about The Poem

(10 January 2007 revised 6 June 2007 and 10 September 2013)

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