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When The Mockingbird Sings

No more carols with the jingle and the Kris-Kringle- Ling.
Roasting chestnuts by the fire while foil wrapping everything.
Farewell longer nights with that cold weather sting.
Good bye days of dreary for a promise made by Spring.

Now that summer is here with a long winter past.
The air smells of flowers and freshly cut grass.
All of nature croons in a rhythmic harmony.
But, none stands out when the Mockingbird sings.

Oh Mockingbird; Raise your voice from the trees.
Fill the air with a song and the joy that it brings.
Now keep in step to the music with a one, two, three.
Let's all dance to the lyric's that the Mockingbird sings.

A hummingbird rhymes with its own melody;
As the children all play when Mockingbird sings.
The boys in the meadow have to reach with their toes;
Just to give a little kiss on a pretty girl's nose.

Our country summers are not very long.
So we make up new games and sing funny songs.
Our animal friends are good company.
We live a good life where the Mockingbird sings.

When twilight is near with the sun shadows long;
Mockingbird sings one last lovely song.
Today will end, but tomorrow will bring;
A new country day when the mockingbird sings.

Perhaps, maybe you feel country life is kind of dumb.
That only a farmer can enjoy country fun.
So, to you we the people of the open country;
Say, 'You can have city life and your smelly factories.'

Here we will work the land for all of our needs.
Heat our generation homes with what we have, for free.
No unwanted knockers selling high priced magazines.
And at night up above, is only stars that we see.

You city people don't know what it's like.
To take a slow, buggy ride in the full moonlight.
Brick walls, are the landscape that you slickers only see.
With the sounds of the jungle- marking territory.

In the country we have pure white snow.
No need for Food Stamps cause we eat what we grow.
So go ahead and joke about an old cowpoke.
Just remember the heartland makes your city possible.

Yes, you can have all of your broken streets.
Pretend you are something on the boulevard where you meet.
Live life very well with your welfare luxury.
Just remember what you sow, is what you're gonna reap.

The Mockingbird wakes when the Red Rooster crows.
Natures honky-tonk with a harmonious soul.
Here is a place where people live a dream.
So keep your city life; Let the mocking bird sing.

When The Mockingbird Sings

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