Where Did We Come From - I Don'T Know Do You? Poem by Terry Brewer

Where Did We Come From - I Don'T Know Do You?

Once upon a time
We climbed from primordial slime.
Was it one cell, or two?
Well - at most just a few

I don’t know, do you?


universal gravity
And bacterial activity
Combined in terrestial majesty
With a touch of divinity
To provide an environmental facility
For elemental simplicity
To achieve bio diversity
Overcoming planetary adversity


With an IQ of one
We just lay in the sun,
It wasn’t much fun.
Binary fission, no sex,
Life was just not complex

With an IQ of two
We advanced very slow-
ly you know.
Then an IQ of three
We resemble a tree,
No brains yet you see

An IQ of four
Is really no more,
But what is in store.
An IQ of five
We are well and alive
With a will to survive

Then six, seven and eight
We begin to relate
Nine, ten, then twenty
We’re moving with plenty
Of acceleration with time.
Now we abhor the slime
From whence we came
(Without even a name)

Now, with an IQ of fifty
We’re getting quite nifty.
Walking unbowed
with our head in a cloud.
We keep on evolving,
While the world keeps revolving
In annual perambulation
Around our life giving sun.

How do we progress?
By decision, or guess
Was Darwin right?
As we see the light
Does genetic mutation
Spawn evolutionary creation
Or biblical begating
Support fundamentalist formatting?

I don’t know do you?

We are becoming so clever
There is no endeavor
To which we say never,
But are we good or evil?
A god or a devil
As we take control
Of the world that we know

I don’t know, do you?

Then exceeding an IQ of 100
We’ve arrived, and we’ve plundered
The earth - next the moon, planets, and occasional star
For nowhere’s too far
For our universal gaze
And self centered malaise.
Where next - an IQ of a million

All questions have answers
Except perhaps

I don’t know do you?

Ernestine Northover 28 May 2006

Hey, this is a cracker! ! ! ! ! Better than Darwin's explanation I think! Very well constructed and written. Love Ernestine XXX

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Brian Dorn 13 May 2006

Terry, I know where YOU'RE coming from... outstanding write! ! ! Brian

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That was a really good poem, Sometimes I look in the mirror and ask my self why 2. That poem was interesting and extremely educational. Keep on writing, best wishes, Marissa: -)

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