Gianna Jett

Where I Belong - Poem by Gianna Jett

Thousands of years I have awaited for this,
Seeing the world from the moon's eyes I miss.

The time I spent trying to understand,
Waiting for the moon to take me by the hand.

Glowing of moonlight flirted with me each day,
I was seduced by its beauty in a rapturous way.

Times I have looked upon the midnight face,
Staring and mesmerized by such a unique place.

Makes me feel like that is where I belong,
Midnight glow sings me a heavenly song.

This is the music that has captured my mind,
My body is confound by it and my soul left blind.

Blinding my heart with all of its amazing wonder,
I realized that it was the moon's spell I am under.

There is no other place that I would rather be,
Than upon the stars and a view of the oceans sea.

It's salts cleanse my soul with every tide,
As the waves open my bleeding heart wide.

There is something in the air that makes me,
Honest seeing all of what's beautiful to see.

I cannot say enough of how I am blessed,
What a lasting impression of my soul it has left.

In hopes that I can conquer the earth,
Upon my life's quest since my birth.

It is what I was meant and born to do,
To leave my legacy behind and the legends true.

I have made my mark upon this world,
As a token of my journey since I was a little girl.

My purpose remains in all that I am,
I shall prove myself worthy time and again.

After all this time I never would have thought,
That the souls from here would have forgot.

But the dark side of the moon has reminded us all,
That from within my name and by my soul are the stars that fall.

My heart is pure, my mind is clear, my body is one with my soul,
I have captured your hearts, minds, and imaginations as I left your bodies raptured in a way that no one else knows.

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, November 19, 2015

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