Where Wishes Come From Poem by Jim Yerman

Where Wishes Come From

She remembers her parents taking her to her window every night
telling her…"No matter how old you grow…no matter where you are.
before you go to bed each night promise us…you'll make a wish upon a star."

But their wishing didn't stop at the stars…
They showed her how to make wishes as she blew on dandelion seeds
then watched them float up to the sky.
how to make a wish whenever a ladybug landed on her
whenever she saw a sunflower…or chanced upon a butterfly.

One day she asked her parents why they make so many wishes…
What is it wishes do?
"Because, " they said, "the more wishes you make and the more dreams you dream…there's a good chance some of them will come true."

'And where do wishes come from? " she asked.
"We don't know for certain, " they answered, "where dreams and wishes start
but we like to think they come from a room somewhere deep within your heart."

"A private, safe and quiet room in which only you are allowed to step.
where all your wishes and dreams are formed…and all your promises kept.

So all her life…she's kept her promise…
she's always making wishes or dreaming dreams
on stars, and rainbows and flower petals before sending them down a stream.

And throughout all the wishes she has made…
she's discovered what her parents always knew…
You don't have to count all the wishes you make
only the wishes that have ever come true.

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