While Watching Nine Eleven On The Television (Rhyming Sestina) Poem by Gert Strydom

While Watching Nine Eleven On The Television (Rhyming Sestina)

In horror I saw the scenes of nine eleven on the television.
"Why are those towering buildings burning, " asked the boy.
"Hijacked aeroplanes hit those buildings in a collision."
The puppy did with the small rolling kitten toy.
To me this was to Arabic involvement like an admission
and America would any such terrorism to the core destroy.

The puppy growled at the kitten as if he was he going to destroy
but ignoring the dog the kitten now sitting erect watched the television,
untouched and unnoticed lay the puppy's plastic chewing toy
and in stupid playfulness the puppy ran into the kitten in a collision,
the annoyed mewing kitten purred at the boy who rescued it.
Sorry yelped the puppy in short howling noises as an admission.

"I will slap you like I did before, " threatened the boy in a admission,
while angrily hissing the cat told the puppy that it would it destroy
and I saw scenes of firemen rushing to the rescue on the television.
Stroking the kitten, it had become the boy's next toy.
"Cars and trains collide but not aeroplanes, that was no collision."
"Two aircraft flew into those buildings, " I answered the boy.

"Imagine being on one of those hijacked planes, " said the frightened boy.
"From no Arabic state to this there would be a admission,
whoever did this is mad as to ash America is going them to destroy, "
the boy said and in shock saw firemen dying on the television.
The wriggling kitten did not see itself as the boy's playing toy,
jumped in attack onto the dog more than in a collision,

The puppy expected this attacking kind of collision,
avoided it and jumped on the lap of the boy
and the cat had enough and jumped on top of the television,
the news flashed scenes of a plane trying the pentagon to destroy,
for not being ready from the FBI and CIA thee was no admission
while in havoc terrorists did with the lives of innocent people toy.

Teasing it the boy did with the puppy toy,
scenes of a train and car collision
did not get the attention of the boy.
"I am going to make you fierce, " said the boy in an admission.
Something did another building near to the two towers destroy.
Scenes of people fleeing for their lives were on the television.

On top of the television the kitten did with the bunny-ears aerial toy,
the growling puppy amused the boy. This event was deliberate and no collision:
"we were not prepared, " said in admission as spokesman: "that anyone would destroy."
© Gert Strydom

Wednesday, September 2, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: life and death
Gert Strydom

Gert Strydom

Johannesburg, South Africa
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