White, Privileged And Royal, With The Delusional Notion Of A Divine Entitlement! Poem by Professor Dr. Stanley Collymore

White, Privileged And Royal, With The Delusional Notion Of A Divine Entitlement!

By Stanley Collymore

Innocent! That's the customary and generally accepted
mantra until an alleged accused person is found to
be unquestionably guilty in a duly constituted,
just and an impartially run court of law. A
sound principle of law as well as a civilized and
fair-minded approach that I wholeheartedly
support and hope that all other rational
and agreeing persons unashamedly
do too. However that esteemed
paradigm should not just be
the deduction of that precise story.
Solely alleging to be innocent
and evidently leaving it at
that. Justice? Plausibly;
but just in name only!

For if accused of having dome something illegally and,
what's more, that is widely and sensibly construed
as distinctly and seriously criminal, it's neither
alright nor nearly enough for the accused
person, be it a man or a woman, to simply say that
they're innocent and oughtn't to be challenged
about anything. While additionally, rather
patronizingly, arrogantly-fixatedly and
quite studiously staying permanently
taciturn on the matter, yet all the
while very consciously aware
of the enormity of the huge
pain and the mental anguish that their
pitiless, contemptuous, unfeeling
and premeditated response to
those who're painstakingly
making these plausible
denunctiations, are
crushingly being
hurt by them.

A state of affairs that contemptuously and unfairly
raises the bar of liability for the accused who,
apart from having their own conceited
and rather selfish assumptions of
themselves conveniently put
aside, is more likely than not to be a very
privileged white person! And when
compounded by the customary
realization that in the most
delusional fashion the
specially privileged
amongst this lot

can either claim relation to or is actually the biological
son of a hereditary, monarchical mum who in the
21st Century mulishly clings on to a medieval
conception that their unelected and non-
democratic status position, as the
unaccountably, constitutional head of state is,
they assume, by virtue of divine consent
as well as an attendant, eternal and
in their mind also an immutable
association. Then to all sane and rational
persons we not only know that such
persons have not only lost the
plot but similarly so that
something is patently
and indisputably
rotten in the
nation of

Were this any ordinary run of the mill person though
the UK's forces of law and order ably supported
by the British CPS would've already readily
and methodically jumped on the accused
individual involved and appropriately
interrorgated them exhaustively. While simultaneously,
enthusiastically and self-servingly - assume that to
mean financially - as allegedly nameless sources
and with promised money now in their bags,
purposely, undauntedly but surreptitiously
peddle their subjective and salacious
stories to the several and rapacious
for titillating gossip, right-wing
rags! Not so however if they
were to scrupulously and
suitably carry out their
duty incriminating
an accused but
titled person

Since an act of ordinary and judicious
approbation could easily see them
deceitfully hazarded by non-
promotion, demotion; or
worst still, in class fixated
Britain, permanently
missing out on
getting their

© Stanley V. Collymore
27 February 2020.

Author's Remarks:
When Colin Powell: the African-American professional serviceman born in the USA to legally entered there Jamaican immigrant parents, was appointed as the first ever Head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the entire US armed forces, the British, other white owned and controlled, western MSM went into overdrive looking for any iota of evidence or suspicion that might discredit him. Overt racism being their concerted game. And in the 21st Century little has changed!

What they discovered, however, and much to their surprise, interestingly, was that Colin Powel was the direct biological descendant of a white British governor of Colin Powell's ancestral homeland Jamaica who'd raped and fathered a child by a Black Jamaican "chattel" or property of his, as was quite customary on the part of white men during slavery and colonialism.

Knowing that she had no legal or financial recourse against him as a supposed member of an inferior species and especially so when compared to "superior" whites, this Black Jamaican woman nevertheless quite courageously took legal action against her rapist, knowing full well that she wouldn't win in court but specifically from her viewpoint wanting it to be enshrined in the records for all time that she was raped by this white governor, something that this arrogant piece of work boastfully admitted to in court.

Fast forward to the 20th Century and these white journalists and their newspapers couldn't come to terms with the fact that a Black man of Jamaican or Caribbean origin had any such outstanding intellectual acumen or capabilities to obtain on merit and equally hold down such a powerful job in the world's most powerful country. So checking assiduously and in the process of doing so uncovering the stark reality that this white rapist of Colin Powell's Black Jamaican ancestor was not only closely related to the entire British Royal Family but likewise all the royal families of Europe and most of their aristocracies, they concluded that Colin Powell's abilities came not from his Black ancestors but from this white rapist and serial sexual abuser as he was widely known to be throughout Jamaica at the time.

And as such they decided between themselves, these journalists, writers and newspaper owners and commentators that Colin Powell, never mind his obvious Black Afro-Caribbean complexion wasn't Black but "near white" as they hammered home his royal and other European aristocratic white connections with the British College of Arms even according Colin Powell his own heraldic emblem.But every Black person in the USA and particularly so in the Caribbean knows that had Colin Powell been a drug pusher or criminal - the stereotypical tropes that are accorded all Black men by whites, no one among these white morons would have mentioned Colin Powell's "royal" or "aristocratic" white connections. But being a successful Black man and achieving his personal goals through merit even this had to be in these buggers' sick minds the consequence of the white race. Never mind that that characteristic Male Y Chromosome that every Afro-Caribbean and Afro-American involuntarily carries in their DNA system is not dissimilar from the personal experience of Colin Powell.

So with the British and other white western media lauding a white serial racist for what his descendant achieves in the 20 century is no different from these same media silently this time but all the same effusively so lauding what today's British Royals likewise loathsomely do. And while Harvey Weinstein may be facing 29 years in jail don't expect any such calamities for our privileged whites in Britain. Royal or not!

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