White, Obsessionally Deluded, Clearly Demented And Thoroughly Detrimental! Poem by Professor Dr. Stanley Collymore

White, Obsessionally Deluded, Clearly Demented And Thoroughly Detrimental!

By Stanley Collymore

Some things are hereditary but stupidity isn't necessarily
one of them, though it's very likely for the ignorant
and clearly braindead person to be considerably
swayed by the people whom they're socially
surrounded by, as well as the particular
circumstances that they either find themselves or
individually choose to be in! A state of affairs
that's very replete through the length and
dimension of the Britain and Northern
Ireland, and specifically so among
overwhelming sections of this
nation's mainstream, white
Caucasian population.

It's acquiescently stupid, House Nigger
betrayers; and just as idiotically its
right-wing wilfully incestuously
inbred, Useful Idiots and conspicuously
wannabe, white Caucasians, Asians.
regardless of what occupations
that this repulsive scum of
British nationals cum-
residents actually
hold or none.

And when conspicuously intellectually challenged and
sociopathic lowlifes like right-wing Tory, fascist
MP Andrew Bridgen, and quite fittingly so a
backbencher if his sort have to be MPs at
all in the House of Commons, can as
the sycophantic minion which he evidently is openly
laud supposed "elite" but entrenched racist Jacob
Rees-Mogg as dazzlingly intelligent for rather
disgustingly and unrestrainedly labelling
the seventy two unfortunate victims:
persons who were cold-bloodedly
murdered through the planned,
malignantly executed ethnic
cleansing and financially
induced gentrification.

Policies of Kensington and Chelsea Borough
Council, vigorously aided and abetted by
their likeminded, politically affiliated,
racist Tory regime collaborators -
then unquestionably all rational and ethically
minded persons won't only see but also
comprehend that there's something
fundamentally and nauseatingly
wrong in this odious cesspit,
disturbingly masquerading
as an unprejudiced and
progressive invention
and calling itself the
United Kingdom!

© Stanley V. Collymore
9 November 2019.

Author's Remarks:
This poem written in the wake of Jacob Rees-Moggs's pitiless, vile and insulting remarks is humbly dedicated to the 72 plus murdered victims - the real number has never been revealed nor will it ever be - of the premeditated, callously executed, in my view, Grenfell Tower Inferno, the survivors, their still grieving relatives, close friends and all those unrelentingly fighting for justice for all of them in the truculent face of an institutionalized and Tory government cover-up!

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