Who Jumped Over The Moon? Poem by Milica Franchi De Luri

Who Jumped Over The Moon?

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Kanga, the roo
heard me reciting a rhyme
'Hey diddle diddle
the cat and the fiddle
the cow jumped over the moon.....'
Before i could finish the rhyme
like I've committed some kind of a crime,
Kanga bounced my direction;
Stood up tall
And caled; corection! ! ! ! !
' Who jumped over the moon? '
She presided seating back on her tail
Then, with a chackle and a giggle
started laughing, with a belly laughter,
and that incidant could change this rhyme for ever after.....
Kanga reached in her deep pocket
pulled out a hanky, whipping her eyes socket
asking again
'Who jumped over the moon? '
'I don't see how '
(she was pointing at a cow)
'A fat cow.........
could jump over the moon
I don't believe
she could repeat that any time soon!
In fact,
the truth is' -Kanga got serious
' If you want to know
if you are curious.
It was my friend, Skippy the roo,
as he was escaping from a zoo
from bad conditions in China.
He jumped over the moon
and caught the runaway dish and the spoon
He lipped over, and
landed on an ocean liner.
Sailed across the seven sees
infested with flies and flies,
just to get back to Australia
to see the little boy
who laughed to see such fun
Here in the bush
were they used to roam and run
under the glorious Australian sun.'

Bozhidar Pangelov 03 May 2010

Hello, Milica. I am impressed by the manner of presenting this painful subject, and references. Greetings.

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blank blank 22 November 2009


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Clara Odelia Ciutara 18 November 2009

This is nice, you wrote in an easy way to understand.

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Michael Grogan 09 November 2009

really nice poem. I will read it to my grandaughter who will really appreciate it..i can just see her face as she visualizes your clever 'roo'! thanks for a great poem!

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Milena Veleva 03 November 2009

:) Hi, Milica, under the glorious Australian sun, Regards,

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