Silence Poem by Milica Franchi De Luri


Rating: 4.8

Silence speaks
Silence screams
Silence talks louder then any word
that cuts true the heart like a sword.

Silence speaks
Silence screams
Silence echoes in my ears
to my eyes it brings tears

Silence speaks
Silence screams
Silence drives me around the bend
what's the problem i don't understand

Silence speaks
Silence screams
Silence is a weapon of your choice
To cut trough my heart
Like a sword
with out saying a single ward


Silence speaks Silence screams Silence is a weapon of your choice......Silence is answer too.. beautiful representation... good write. You deserve well earned 10 please read mine'Silence please' and comment if u like and love it

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Tesla Blackburn 18 June 2009

i agree completely. Sometimes silence makes you also hear things that aren't there too. Gives you a lot of time to think.

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'It is better said and heard in silenec Than eloquence' as deafs hear better and dumbs speak better. great a....10 dr. sakti......regards 17.06.09 India

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Myrtle Thomas 16 March 2009

I really liked this poem, I wrote one similar called silence speaks.You said so much in this, I found it a great write A 10 dear, please read my silence speaks

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Unnikrishnan E S 24 May 2016

Hi Milica, Wonderful poem. No doubt, SILENCE is the strongest conversation. Congratulations. Why dont you write now-a-days?

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Briony Nicholls 26 September 2015

It's a pity that a few spelling mistakes have been left behind that confuses meaning (ward instead of word, true instead of through, trough instead through) . It is otherwise a wonderful poem.

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Ritty Patnaik 15 August 2009

very well written poem on silence.silence makes one lonely, it also, can be a sword of exsasperation! but it has another side to silence a poem is born, and in silence we feel the presence of god.would like you to read my poem on wishes....ritty

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Irene Clark-hogg 07 August 2009

Silence is something that many people are afraid of. Irene

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Nikunj Sharma 25 June 2009

couldnt agree more.............. wow. Nice poem

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