Time Poem by Milica Franchi De Luri


Rating: 5.0

We saw seasons coming and going

We saw springs and summers,

autumns and winters

come and go, come and go

adding up to many years.

Years passing,

months, days,

minutes rushing, rushing.

If time had passed you by;

said by, by

If you missed the boat

while you were gazing at the starry sky

don't be sad, don't cry; why, why

Time is a judge, healer and a thief.

Wipe your tears

don't sniff, sniff.

Its not yet the end,

its still time to comprehend.

In the school of life

there are many lessons to be learned

about love and life,

how we live and love

not knowing what life is

not knowing what love is

Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 09 June 2010

‘Time is a judge, healer and a thief.’…it steals sorrows and anxiety thro’ healing and judging…if one stays patiently … ‘there are many lessons to be learned’ and a BIG and TALL YEAH 10//10 Ms. Nivedita UK

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Melancholy Man 05 November 2009

Here I beg to differ with your soothing thoughts, your lyrical, flowing verse. for time kills everything, time has passed me by, stolen my moments, and my life, only in the cemetery are we free, only in the cemetery, can we flee

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Allan O 04 November 2009

beautiful.. time is something everyone should comprehend...much to learn..alot to do...and in life...just our own amount of time to make it all come true... loved it... thanks Milica :)

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Ramin Chaman 30 October 2009

Hi Milica don't be sad 'don't cry' why 'why Time is a judge, /healer /and a thief. ... Like a hanging judge....or petty thief . with curtsy Ramin

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