Day By Day* Poem by Milica Franchi De Luri

Day By Day*

Rating: 3.2

Like peeling onions
removing the skin
layer by layer
all the while shedding tears,
so is emotional recovery.
Day by day;
putting the hurt behind,
reviling the inner strength,
suddenly realizing
life is good again.
The tears have washed the pain away

Rin Kathy 24 June 2009

i don't really know what to say, it was really really good

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Nikunj Sharma 25 June 2009

Subtle and touching, nice poem.........keep it up..........Read 'MY DREAM' in my poems and read SMILES as well..........shall be grateful to receive your feedback

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Pandian Angelina 22 July 2009

So sweet Such sublte mix Of Sadness and Hope Within the onion skin. A very good philosophy To be heeded by all! Thoughtful and profound So nice are your poetry! Angel

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Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 06 June 2010

‘…shedding tears, so is emotional recovery.’ ‘Pain profiles endurance Tears dwindle durance ‘~ niv Nice symbolism of onion peeling used...thanks Ma’am… 10//10++ Ms. Nivedita UK

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Philip Winchester 11 October 2009

Life is a series of Layers, A layer of Mirrors of Layers of Mirrors mirroring a layer of Mirrors. I love this poem Thanks for Sharing and Your kind Critique of Mine. Kind Regards Philip

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Bianca F. 09 September 2009

That was great how you described the peeling of an onion as the healing of pain.10 10 10!

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Ivor Hogg 23 August 2009

women can cry it is expected but it is seen as unmanly for men to weep Thank gog im old enough to disregard such foolishness

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Mamta Agarwal 31 July 2009

such a touching write, from the heart. a good cry, not only gets rid of toxins, it shows light at the end of the tunnel. Mamta

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