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Who Knew - Poem by Jeffrey Mitchell

Who Knew

My shield broke by the arrows at night which penetrated my breastplate, now my heart is punctured and the blood is flowing while tears flow inward from the pain that surrounds my wound. Gasping for each new breath I am able to still get, while my enemies await at the open sepulture, lurking and watching for my demise.

Pounding with every beat of my heart, the blood boils out, while words of anger spew profanity from my lips, while bitterness plagues my heart. He reminds me that I have eluded him for years, and now he is requiring my soul, you fought a good fight soldier, but the battle is over, he says, I stole your earlier years from you, with my disease that clung to your flesh, making your life miserable, I robbed you of being a son to your parents, and I robbed you of being a parent to your children. You crippled me in the beginning of my life, your disease not only robbed me it also stole, my joy, and laughter, it ripped right out of me, any hope or dreams I ever had.

I walked around with the ungodly, trying to figure out what did I do, to deserve so much misery in life. And now you sit watching and waiting, who knew at 41 the grim reaper would be after my soul, your disease had me walking in the valley of death, where there was no breath to be found. But it must of had come as a surprise to you, when you seen that the hand of the LORD was upon me, and carried me out in His Spirit.

I know that you had to be angry, after all that work you did to see me suffer, but like a fire shut up in my bones, He blew the breath of life in me, He lives in me. Like a fire shut up in my bones, He lives in me, he lives in me,

Now I am one, who cries out in the valley of death, like a fire shut up in my bones, He lives in me.

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Poem Submitted: Friday, November 13, 2015

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