Who's For The Game? Poem by Jessie Pope

Who's For The Game?

Rating: 3.8

Who’s for the game, the biggest that’s played,
The red crashing game of a fight?
Who’ll grip and tackle the job unafraid?
And who thinks he’d rather sit tight?
Who’ll toe the line for the signal to ‘Go!’?
Who’ll give his country a hand?
Who wants a turn to himself in the show?
And who wants a seat in the stand?
Who knows it won’t be a picnic – not much-
Yet eagerly shoulders a gun?
Who would much rather come back with a crutch
Than lie low and be out of the fun?
Come along, lads –
But you’ll come on all right –
For there’s only one course to pursue,
Your country is up to her neck in a fight,
And she’s looking and calling for you.

Will Hammond 06 December 2012

this is not the best poem in the world but it is good the best poem ive read is Dulce et decorum est (latin)

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Natalie 27 February 2018

Dulce Et Decorum Est was written in response to this poem. It is a good one

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haaaaaa 29 March 2021

xiao xing ping dao song man sing sao long dong king kong

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Kim Barney 03 July 2015

This was probably written during World War One but could have been written just before she died right after World War Two started. Either way, she was calling for men to join up as soldiers. It was no game, and certainly no fun, but nevertheless, she tried. Who would much rather come back with a crutch Than lie low and be out of the fun? I wonder how many she influenced to join up with this poem?

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Ryan mcc 10 January 2019

Haha I like ur comment! Very interesting stuff. My is huge and I am very lonely ;))) .

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Joah Schnee nae 29 March 2021

lovelvy kiddos

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 21 February 2021

A powerful and moving poem well executed.

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Joe Mama 17 November 2020

I am Joe no Joe mama i am Joe

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logan 07 May 2020

wat is with u peple and also coronavirus

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