Who's Who Poem by Benjamin Zephaniah

Who's Who

Rating: 3.6

I used to think nurses
Were women,
I used to think police
Were men,
I used to think poets
Were boring,
Until I became one of them.

Jetty J Newnham 16 November 2012

Good stuff it reminds me of Spike Milligan & Roald Dahl. I grew up reading Spike my daughters read Dahl & now I will encourage my grandchildren to read Benjamin! All power to your writing hand & we can look to a future where your writing hand is more powerful than your fighting hand

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Preeti - is here! 27 June 2006

Short & Crisp! Preets

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Jena Herbert 18 April 2005

I love this poem! It is short and sweet. I saw Benjamin Zephaniah and I am a big fan! He has great humour.

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Dj Mandeville 21 May 2006

He has cool short poems

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Nancy Oyula 23 July 2014

Brief but carries a lot of weight.

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Pam lutwyche 25 May 2021

Same here

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Dr Antony Theodore 23 August 2020

I used to think nurses Were women, I used to think police Were men, very fine poem. tony

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S H 23 August 2020

Oh yes once you wear their shoe you realize what they are.

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its me 17 June 2020

its a great poem i love it. i dont know why but i love all of benjamin zephaniahs poems :)

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Ftgerhh 02 April 2020

Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi Great poem

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