Who Says Death Is The Only Truth? Poem by Nandini Sahu

Who Says Death Is The Only Truth?

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Death stands at a distance
all day all night, smiling, unblinking,
like that picture under the staircase.

Are you waiting for the last bus?
Do you know, the sands are slowly
rolling through the gaps of your fingers?

Tighten your fist. You are enlightened to
pick one – the coffin or a life of action.
From one birth to another, augment the civilization.

Does your laugh tear your shrunken lips?
Open your wardrobe, cover the breast of the poor,
apply on your lips the balm of a millennium’s rebellion.

Who says death is the only truth?
See, your body of fog is still seated on the throne.
You still shine in the firmament of stars.

JOBY JOHN 23 January 2023


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Sakalabaktula Sairaj 07 November 2017

fantastic mam you real a good, its some thing like a good lesson of life

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Pramod Kumar Sahu 09 March 2014

My love for poetry got a new boost after reading the poem. Very Nice. God bless you.

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Indira Babbellapati 21 February 2013

it's nice to read the poetry of a student of my good friend...

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R.k Das 19 February 2013

a poem on death, , no no, , it is a defiance of death, , how ever true it may be that death is the ultimate truth, , the poetess does not subscribe to this age-old saying, , and she not only advocates for life here but also hereafter on the ' firmament of stars'...thanx

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Nandini Sahu

Nandini Sahu

G. Udayagiri, Orissa / India
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