Why? Poem by gloria wekesa



A lot of things happen that no one has answers to,
The question is why? And the answer:
Is the look of puzzlement and bewilderment on people’s
Sometimes it is pain, so much pain on their faces,
And no comfort to the pain,
No answer to the question why?

Sometimes it is denial, our brains
Refuse to accept reality.
Why? Still no answer,
Is it because reality is so painful to face?
Is it because the truth hurts so much
That we would rather not face it? So many questions
But very few answers and at times no answers at all.

Why does a good person suffer so much in life?
Why does he have to battle with a disease that has no cure?
Why get an accident at the prime of life and die?
Leaving so much unfinished work and so many people in pain?
Why do we break people’s hearts and have them languishing in pain
Why can we not help them cope with this pain?
Why? Why do we do all this?
Why does this have to happen?

Mourners pass me and the loss looks like they may not get
Why? Who will take care of those small children?
A girl is seated at the dark corner of the pub,
Tears slowly trickling down, maybe it’s a heartbreak?
Maybe it’s the loss of a loved one through death,
Are we ever strong enough to deal with all this pain?
A mother is fighting for her life on the hospital bed
For the sake of her children and I look at her and wonder why it happened
To her, her children are crying and there is no comforting them
Why? So many questions,
Yet so few answers.

Didier Kahungu 15 August 2008

Are we ever strong enough to deal with all this pain? this is the line that stands out for me in the poem. realise that we meet so many challenges in life and somehow we do manage to get through them. what does kill makes you stronger i guess. i remember asking that same question to God and to myself trying to find reasons for certain happenings.....lamenting and complaining and the fact that i didnt get answers to them didnt mean i had to give up or that there was no justification or reason for them. just knock on the right door.

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