Why Cant You See My Love? You Belong With Me? ! ! Poem by Ala elouri

Why Cant You See My Love? You Belong With Me? ! !

You see the world as blackness and sorrow..You see the world a game you hold with your hands...& stay in control..Yet, you are sensible..with love and feelings..I know you have a big heart that has the capicaty to love me...I know that you dont want to face the world when they tell you that you love me..I know you try to hide everything i do and say..So noone can sight...I know my love that everything you feel and do is hidden inside..deep inside hard to reach..Your heart so keen and your mind so overcontroled...You control your heart..You try to, yet i know it will never work..
I faced the hardest fazes in life just to get to you..I heard many things and ingored what the universe said so i can be with you...I had never done wrong..I had never went over the limit or the line i once made...I never told you I love you in your face..My love, why cant you see that you belong with me..why cant you feel the patience and fire in me..

My heart has waited enough..and my tears had dryed up..I can no longer sell my tears..I can no longer sell my precious time for you..Becuz i have done already tooo much to be by urside..To build the love that you tryed to hide..I had tryed to get you to understand that our love is innocent, not Indecent...Our love is pure, that is the innocence of a young child..3 Why cant you open your eyes..1 time in your whole life..And Put your thinking aside, and follow what your heart needs...Why cant you stop running out of my way..Why are you afraid of the world to know that we are in love so innocently...It's nt a sin..Its nt smth to feel guilty...This is not shameful nor blameworthy..If you can just open your eyes once..If only you could understand the months and years i waited for you..Is nothing any body could do..Im the only one who will wait for you..I will be the only one to handle your confusion and your disturbance...I am sincerlly the only one in this world who will take you seriously..I am the one and only who will wait for years for you to wise up..I am the only, who can see what you mean to me..I am the only, who knows what you feel deep inside of yourself...Noone in the world..Will love you as much as i love you..So dont lose me and your one & only oppurtunitee..3 I LOVE YOU...

Ala elouri

Ala elouri

SanClemente, California
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