Why Is There A Fairy On Top Of Christmas Trees? (Not One For The Kids) . Poem by David Wood

Why Is There A Fairy On Top Of Christmas Trees? (Not One For The Kids) .

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Long ago, and far away, in the deep pine
Forests of Lapland, Santa was wrapping
Presents for all the worlds children. They
Were all on his kitchen table in a line.

Suddenly, the wrapping paper ended,
With more presents still to wrap! What
A catastrophe! He fumed at not buying
Enough. His mistake could not be amended.

Lo and behold, Santa had a little helper, a fairy.
His fairy saw Santa was distressed and like
All good fairies he wanted to help. So, the fairy
Rushed out into the forest, which was scary.

What will cheer up Santa he thought? He saw
A beautiful little fir tree. With his magic wand
The fairy cut it down, and with that same magic
Wand he carried it to Santa's door.

The door was thrust open, which saw Santa brace.
Dejected at his table, surrounded with unwrapped
Presents. ‘Santa' the fairy shouted, a stunned
Santa looked up with a surprised look on his face.

‘Santa, you looked sad, I want to cheer you up a bit
I went into the forest looking for something to
Make your day. All I could find was this beautiful
Fir tree, where shall I stick it!

And that, sadly, is how there is a fairy on top of
Your Christmas tree.; -)

Tuesday, December 7, 2021
Topic(s) of this poem: humour
We need more humour on this site. Poems are getting too serious!
LeeAnn Azzopardi 08 December 2021

Dave this poem a smile on my face and warmth in my heart

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 07 December 2021

An amazing and unique Christmas story tinged with humor.Very entertaining and well crafted. To my Poem List.

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