Why Languages Poem by ER Bron Chiong, RSW

Why Languages

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Why Languages
7100 or more languages in today's world
creates a diverse and beauty among us all
the known universal languages--
Latin, Music and Math we shared
prepares our world for peace and security

Easy or difficult, fictional or real
provides different sounds and history
1.5 billion of English speakers worldwide
makes this language so fast to understand
for education, transactions and communications

From the Adamic language in the garden
to the heavenly language of angels above
gives glory to the Supreme Lord of host
the creative inventor of all these things
includes the rare Sarcee of Native Indians

Are the Homo halibis or Homo sapiens
responsible enough for the languages of today
nor not Ziad Fazah in Brazil who is considered
the living polyglot and speaks a total of 59
Satan even used Bellysbabble to lure his victims

As for me, an ordinary human being
the most important is to express my intent
a message of love in as many languages as possible
in more than 800 languages of Papua New Guinea
or just the 37 major languages of Colombia
to difficult Mandarin Chinese or in plain Arabic

Enough for us all to work harmoniously together
in faith, in trust, in truth, in solidarity and cooperation
to eradicate the world's major and current problems
of poverty, religious conflicts, wars, climate change,
both abuses and diseases, endangers the 7.87 - 9.8 billion
act now global inhabitants than to regret our indifference
repeat not the mistakes in history we once had before
for the benefit and future of the human race

ER Bron Chiong,3June2022 @ 4: 40
f0r l0ve 0f humanity and a much bettER future f0r us 0l!


YO! L0v th0se languages
ER Bron Chiong, RSW 02 June 2022

YO! Once again, thank y0u f0r y0ur c0mments, my dear p0et friend...we must use 0ur languages fully f0r a better humanity... cheERs! ! !

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Languages are medium for communication. But they have much more. Manu subtle nuances. Loved this poem. And the many info it contains. Nice one

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YO! Thanks f0r d enc0uragement, dear p0et...I am blessed t0 have friends like y0u ar0und. Feel free t0 speak 0ut the truth in l0v. CheERs!

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