Why Should You Miss Me Poem by Colette Dright

Why Should You Miss Me

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Why should you miss me?
When I was there were you aware?
Aware that I exist or was I someone you chose to dis?
Dismiss from your sight and out of your space
There were times I felt alone and yet so out of place
Out of a place where I wanted to be a part
A place where your love lives, a place within your heart
A place where I wanted things between us to be good
I wanted to be wanted, but was often misunderstood

Why should you miss me? Or should I even ask?
We can't take back or even replace the human behind the mask
Noise and commotion going on all around
The silence of loneliness doesn't even make a sound
A cigarette smoke by the tree was where I wanted to be
For those were the moments I felt forever free
Free from the gossip, the worries, the stress
Free from proving to others and myself of being the very best

Some people were given plenty and some people didn't have a chance
To laugh and love and hear my thoughts, embrace me close and dance
Don't miss out in life the moments, the moments for you to shine
The moments to relax and chill and simply just unwind
Don't miss the moment to greet someone with a friendly smile
No one is on this earth forever, we are only here for a while

Why should you be so selfish and want me here to stay?
When my Father has a place with no worries and bills to pay
God allowed this earth to borrow me for the time that it had
And my leaving from your presence has left many of you sad

Don't be so sad, just remember when…
Remember the soldier, the artist, the realist
Remember the brother, the son, the friend
Remember the picnics, the movies, the practice, the drills
Remember in life to fulfill God's will
The moments that were good I brought with me when I left earth
The ones not so good, I left to dwindle in the dirt

Time to spread my wings like an eagle embracing the morning sun
My journey has been fulfilled for my work on earth is done

Why should you miss me? ? ? You shouldn't - Remember Me!

Wednesday, April 3, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: death,heaven,kindness,life,loneliness,love,miss you
Appreciate the moments given. Embrace, love, laugh and forgive, do not take moments for granted.
Castellenas John 03 April 2019

Wonderful twist of words. Left something for the reader to think about.

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