Wild Flowers And Roses - Poem by MOHAMMAD SKATI

There are many wild flowers and Even many wild flowers Here and there... Although those wild flowers and roses Don't smell fragrant, but They look great and wonderful... Our eyes scan everyone and Even everything upon looking at Persons or things anytime... We don't like to miss Those flowers' wonderful beauty and Even those pretty roses' shapes anytime... Life is a big teacher that We learn from many things and We try to imitate them... Nature can not work by itself Simply because it's God's tool anytime... We normally while we enjoy nature's beauty, We pick some of those flowers and some of those Roses to our loved ones although they don't Smell fragrant, but They look pretty and wonderful... Nature breeds a lot of things that We always love and enjoy As long as we are still alive and Even our loved ones put some of those wild flowers and Some of those wild roses on our toms Just to remember us beautifully...

Topic(s) of this poem: flowers

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, September 16, 2015

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