Wilde Angel....Doc Wilde Poem by Leila Kay

Wilde Angel....Doc Wilde

Rating: 5.0

Wilde Angel the sun that brightens my every day
Wilde Angel the brightest star that lights up my darkest night

Wilde Angel my divine super hero
Wilde Angel chases away the scary monsters from under my bed

Wilde Angel big soft cuddly teady bear
Wilde Angel with outstreched wings ready to break my every fall

Wilde Angel with invisible wings
Wings that lift my spirits
Make them soar high above the heavens

Wilde Angel you graced my life and made it worth living
You heard my thoughts my inner voice
The silent pain
The deafening silence

Wilde Angel your voice sings a lullaby to my heart
Sweeter than any chocolate kiss
Cradles my pain and rocks my world

Wilde Angel your heart brought forth and did lay before me a gift
A gift of friendship unconditional
Lily white and pure

Wilde Angel you wipe away the tears even before they fall
Turning them into pearls of wisdom

Wilde Angel......you are the answer to my every prayer
You are the love, the blind faith, the healing friend my strenght and my joy

You are Doc Wilde......Leila's very own Wilde Angel
Don't ever tuck away those wings Doc.......Love LeilaXXXX


He's the best, as is this tribute. t x

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Linda Ori 22 April 2007

Yes, I have to agree with you wholeheartedly on this one. Good ole Doc is certainly an angel in disguise, and a true gem. He truly cares about everyone - especially all his virtual friends. A beautiful heartwarming tribute to a beautiful man. Linda :)

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JoAnn McGrath 22 April 2007

What a wonderful tribute...so full of heart felt melts : O)

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