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~will I Still Go To Heaven If I Envy? ~

I watch them from the corner of my eye.
(because I don't want them to think I'm weird)
I wonder how I could get what they have.
I wonder what happened
that made my own mom turn away.

Do they know I watch them?
Can they see the lump in my throat?
Did I blink my tears away quick enough?
Do they know?

I hope not.
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Michael Shepherd 16 June 2006

Sometimes it hurts so much, you don't know whether blaming them or yourself would be less painful or put a stop to it - and does either?

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i understand the absence, the loss, the longing. good job at capturing these things...

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Steve Fulk 16 June 2006

A really eye opening poem. Touching indeed. Thank you Mary...........Steve

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David Gerardino 16 June 2006

One that offers me a hug, great poem, i can see myslf as a child waiting for my mom to put her arms around me, great poem......the one thing i cant take, is some one taking there love away, IT HURTS..........

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