Will You Wait? Poem by Rose Preston

Will You Wait?

When tears no longer speak the story,
And yelling can’t release the pain.
It’s when words are too little,
And smiles too few.

A time when friends are there,
To provide comfort and strength,
But yet you know,
This you face alone.

Only you can feel your heartbreak,
Only you can feel your pain,
It is only you, quite frankly,
That can understand your brain.

It’s when you know that you love him,
and you know he loves you.
But you fight and you argue,
And the lies are there too.

It’s when leaving him is torture
To your body and soul.
Your life left so empty
And you’re no longer whole.

To stay with him,
You want nothing more.
But you know it won’t work,
And your heart will be tore.

When distance is the only thing,
To save what you had.
Love hasn’t ended though –
But was the decision bad?

My life is so pointless,
Since I lost you.
But I need this time,
To find what is true.

Will you wait for me?

Andrew Rose 12 April 2007

Is this a changed version of a poem u showed me earlier, cause it seems familiar that or its the same one, either way i like it =)

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