Will You Walk With Me? Poem by Raimi Babatunde

Will You Walk With Me?

If I walk the walk
Will you walk with me?
I understand your feelings
You deem me unserious
Choosy and senseless
But will you walk with me?

If I say "Yes"
Will you live with me?
Not all Roses are sweet
Let alone beautiful as it seems
I will be wearing the shoes
Will you take the other leg?

How I long to entangle
Enjoy the blessedness of that institution
But behind those smiles
Lies the real self
Hidden from public glare
Which I will live with

When I walk in
When you want me to
Will you take me back
When I run to you
Because I couldn't cope
Will you take the blame?

My friends have kids
Beautiful homes
And you all expect grandchildren
But there is a price to pay
So much sacrifice from me
In those times, will you be there?

But for the joy of companionship
I will just be an hermit
Even if I need a shoulder
Such that I can lean on
The one i can call mine
It will happen when it will happen

Stop the pressure!
So many bad unions today
The result is single parenting
And high divorce rate
Leading to bad parenting
With increasing crime waves

In birth, I was born alone
In death, I will die alone
Why not allow me be
Would you rather i jump in and out?
Marry early. Bravo! It is good
But best, make sure you marry right!

Babatunde Raimi
Author/Life Coach/Poet

Tuesday, June 25, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: marriage
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