William Windsor - As Believably Relevant To Mankind As A Cuckolded Azoospermiac Is To Human Fertility! Poem by Professor Dr. Stanley Collymore

William Windsor - As Believably Relevant To Mankind As A Cuckolded Azoospermiac Is To Human Fertility!

By Stanley Collymore

Rather than so undeniably
idiotically blabbing about
nonsense issues such as
'stability' and 'tradition' could
either you William, or else one
of your many, unquestionably
truly intellectually-challenged
Palace lackeys coherently tell
me what the actual Hell your
bloody sickeningly and quite
unwarrantedly so privileged
and very crazily self-entitled
family, actually does for the
millions of Pounds, that the
taxpayers of Britain crassly,
and involuntarily pay them.

And can the lot of you,
when as customarily
you quite cynically
and surreptitiously do, rather
cowardly, generally brief the
MSM on Meghan and Harry
also explain why whenever
a really, sensibly informed
person ever mentions the
salient, subject matter, of
your own family's, clearly
and irrefutably indefinite
funding by the taxpayers
you remain very stumm!

Protecting what is basically
a family of rather greedily
avaricious, and similarly
also, a malevolently egregious,
fittingly, self-serving bunch of
layabouts there's undeniably
always some braindead and
awfully gullible monarchical
sycophantic brownnoser of
the Windsors monotonous
and rather lyingly trots out
the nonsensical myth, that
the really bona fide British
taxpayer, unlike the MSM,
other corporate, 'socialite'
and their close hereditary
collective vile tax evading
odious pals nevertheless
get good value; from the
Crown Estate, by getting
75% of what by rights is
evidently ours, anyway!

(C) Stanley V. Collymore
11 December 2022.

Author's Remarks:
The endemically inured racist and as a corollary with that, the avidly but delusionally white supremacist that William Windsor - customarily the evidently favourite fallback of all those whose obviously minimal intellectual acumen is undeniably on par with the distincty, toxically verminous views they rigidly hold and also quite commensurate with discernibly and unquestionably as well discernibly and patently quite manifestly intellectually challenged minds and similarly, irredeemably vile personalities that so effectively and irredeemably, distinctly warp their already pathetic life is literally and clearly obsessively incendiarily mad with Harry because he simply can't bullyingly, control is younger brother anymore; who essentially like his crucially reciprocally loving wife Meghan: an African American woman, and evidently no Stepford wife brood mare, like waity Katie, is now himself mentally liberated, is Harry like the woman he clearly married for LOVE!

And distinctly, unlike with you and Kate, William their basically natural chemistry is there for everyone to realistically see! So up yours quite envious m, racist and pathetic dull boy William Windsor!

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